Something you have, Something you’ve lost

Something you have, something you’ve lost was developed as Gillian’s Undergraduate Thesis in 2013 – exploring sensory relationships between environment, mood and behavior.

Each shelf holds a series of vials: on the right, essential oils extracted through steam distillation, which combine to mimic a moment in time: a memory. On the left, the material that constituted them; lean in close, and catch a whiff.

Each memory was illustrated by an individual during a Memory Recollection Session (2012) – participants were prompt through mindful meditation practices, delving deep into the vivid details long forgotten. Once revealed, the scents inevitably evoked memory; though for some, much different than it’s original intent.

By containing each scent as jewellery that is personal and unique to it’s user, one could theoretically stimulate nostalgia in order to cause a rush of endorphin’s to his or her brain.

Something you have, Something you’ve lost was exhibited at the OCADU GRADX (2013), Materialize (2013), and was the catalyst for a month’s long arts-facillitation at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health’s (CAMH) Mindful Arts program – exploring art therapy through sensory relationships